Mozart Oeuvre


What do we know? What can you find? Mozart Œuvre is a digital Mozart portal that provides comprehensive and concise information on Mozart’s musical works. Mozart Œuvre is designed as a meta-search engine providing information on all digital editions and services of the Digital Mozart Edition, the Mozart Audio-Visual Collection, and the Bibliotheca Mozartiana. A single mouse click provides access to music, sources, documents, literature, and many other relevant data.

The Digital Mozart Edition (DME) is currently being developed by the International Mozarteum Foundation (ISM) in collaboration with the Packard Humanities Institute in Los Altos, California, USA. The DME aims to make the complete works of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart (1756-1791) accessible in digital form for study and performance purposes.

Subprojects include editions of the musical works presented in the form of the NMA Online (online since 2006) and in the form of a fully digital music edition (DME::Music), an edition of the texts to Mozart’s dramatic works (DME::Librettos), and an edition of the Mozart family’s letters and documents relating to the family and foundation history (DME::Letters & Documents).

The digital offerings of the DME are complemented by catalogs and databases on musical works and their sources, including information on their history and reception (DME::Sources & Catalogs). The DME sees itself as the digital portal of Mozart research at the ISM. It plans to integrate the digital resources of the ISM and to provide interfaces for external services. In compliance with copyright regulations, the DME also provides access to digital images of original sources, both by digitizing its own holdings (Bibliotheca Mozartiana digital) as well as by linking to external resources. Free access to the DME via the Internet, including the download of files for non-commercial purposes (license CC BY-NC-SA 4.0), is an integral part of the DME concept.

Last Update: February 2023